100 Birthday Woven Badge

100 Birthday Woven Badge

       A woven Patch is weaved on a loom and gives a smooth finish to the patch surface. It is an

       excellent choice for smaller badges as you can achieve greater definition, and

       smaller detail. Due to the flat surface it is also much less susceptible to abrasion

       and fraying. Interms of material, Woven patches are available in cotton, taffeta, damask,

       and satin; what’s more, you have your choice of iron on, self-adhesive, and printed labels.


                     We offer two types of borders for custom woven patches: Merrow, and Laser Cut.

                     Hot cut borders are more ideal for complex custom shapes, whereas merrow

                     borders are more suited for basic shapes such as circles, ovals and squares.



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      Q: What is the PVC backing?

        A: All our patch orders are custom made to your specifications. We offer various patch types and products

            including Woven, embroidery, dye sublimated, rubber, chenille embroidery, & flocking patches. Special

            backing options are also available.

      Q: How many colors can I get on each custom patch?

        A: We can include up to 8 colors per custom patch design.

      Q: What’s the difference between woven patches, and embroidered patches?

        A: Woven cloth is a badge made of different threads woven together, similar to how a digital image is made

             up of Dots, This means we can achieve higher detail than Embroidered Badges.

              Embroidered patches are made up of threads but stitched together on a background. We can't achieve

             the same high detail as with Woven Cloth Badges but the effect is closer to the original stitched style


      Q: What is the minimum quantity I can order?

       A: The minimum quantity of patches that can be ordered is 50. You can order any number of patches

             over 50, such as 52, 233 and so on.

      Q: Can I order a sample before doing a full production run?

        A: Yes! We offer a pre-production sample service for $150. This allows you to purchase one (or a few) of

             your patches before making a larger order. The cost of the pre-production sample covers the setup,

             manufacturing and shipment of your sample and does not apply toward the balance of a full order.

      Q: What is the difference between a Merrow Border and Hot Cut Border?

       A:A merrow border is a heavier border which is stitched up and over the outer edges of your patch.

           Merrow borders are most commonly found on shapes such as circles, ovals and squares. Merrow

           borders are applied after the design is stitched onto your patches. A Hot Cut border is a thinner, flatter

           border that is cut out using a hot knife that seals the outer edge of your patch, keeping the thread from

           fraying. Hot Cut borders are used for patches that are shaped in the outline of your design, such as the

           shape of a car or animal.

      Q: How durable and long-lasting is the Iron-On backing?

       A:When applied correctly, iron-on patches are extremely durable and will stay adhered to your garment for

            many washes (approx. 50-70). Iron-on patches can also be sewn to your garment after ironing on.

      Q: Is the Peel & Stick backing considered permanent?

       A:Peel & Stick backings are similar to that of a traditional sticker. The intended use is for placing patches

           temporary on garments so that the patch can later be removed with no damage to the garment. This

           style of backing is suitable for events where patches are being distributed to be worn for that specific

           event, and are able to be sewn on after the peel & stick backing has lost its stickiness.

      Q:What is the difference between embroidered and woven patches?

        A:Embroidered patches are created using embroidery machines which are not much unlike a home sewing

           machine. These machines use standard thickness rayon threads. Woven patches are created using much

           larger woven label machines which use much more compact threads resulting in much sharper, fine detail.

           Embroidered patches have a much heavier stitching appearance whereas woven patches appear more flat.

      Q: How long does it take to get my patches in hands?

       A: Once you have approved the art work and placed your order you will have your order in hands in 6-8

            business days or less.

      Q: What other types of patches or products do you make other than standard patches?

       A: All our patch orders are custom made to your specifications. We offer various patch types and products

            including Woven, embroidery, dye sublimated, rubber, chenille embroidery, & flocking patches. Special

            backing options are also available.